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      Factors associated, uncorrected, refractive errors, school-going, adolescents, County, [1]
      Factors, Influencing, Contact, Lenses, Uptake, among, School-Going, Children, Teenagers, Myopia, Attending, Selected, Eye, Clinics [1]
      Factors, Influencing, Nurse, Interns’, Competence, Physical, Assessment, Adult, Patients [1]
      Factors, Influencing, Patient Waiting Time, Emergency Department, Sub-County Hospital, [1]
      Factors, Influencing, Unequal, Cross Border, Higher Education, Students’, Mobility, East, African, Community [1]
      Factors, Influencing, Use of Mobile, Phone-Enabled, Services, Accessing, Agricultural, Information, Smallholder, Farmers, County, [1]
      Factors, Influencing,Management, Musculoskeletal, Pain, among, Children, Sickle, Cell, Disease, Western [1]
      Faecal, bacterial, contamination, borehole, water,between, points-of-access , points-of-use , Naivasha, Public, health, implication [1]
      Faecal, pollution, solar, purification, community, water, sources, Lake [1]
      Family Issues, Effectiveness, Substance, Abuse, Preventive, Measures, Secondary, Schools [1]
      farmers’, awareness, interest, cricket, farming [1]
      Fault-Tolerant, Partition, Resolvability , Cyclic, Networks [1]
      Fcγ receptor IIA, IIIA ,IIIB, genetic, polymorphisms severe malaria, anemia, children [1]
      Feedback-Based, System-Level, Properties, f Vertebrate-Microbial [1]
      First Report, Cucurbit, Aphid-Borne, Yellows, Virus, Infecting, Groundnut, Kenya [1]
      First report, Phasey, bean, mild, yellows, virus, new host, record [1]
      First, Full, Length, Genome,Sequence ,Bean, Common, Mosaic, Necrosis, Virus, Isolated [1]
      Fish Tissue, Bio-concentration, Interspecies, Uptake, Heavy,Metals, Waste,Water,Lagoons [1]
      Flood, modelling, parameterisation, inflow,uncertainty [1]
      Food availability, accessibility ,dietary practices, COVID-19 [1]