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    • Feedback-Based, System-Level Properties of Vertebrate-Microbial Interactions 

      Rivas, Ariel L.; Jankowski, Mark D.; Piccinini, Renata; Leitner, Gabriel; Schwarz, Daniel; Anderson, Kevin L.; Fair, Jeanne M.; Hoogesteijn, Almira L.; Wolter, Wilfried; Chaffer, Marcelo; Blum, Shlomo; Were, Tom; Konah, Stephen N; Kempaiah, Prakash; Ong’echa, John M.; Diesterbeck, Ulrike S.; Pilla, Rachel; Czerny, Claus-Peter; Hittner, James B.; Hyman, James M.; Douglas J. Perkins, Douglas J. (PLOS ONE, 2013-02-20)
      Background Improved characterization of infectious disease dynamics is required. To that end, three-dimensional (3D) data analysis of feedback-like processes may be considered. Methods To detect infectious disease data ...