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      Cause, Teenage, Pregnancy [1]
      Challenges, Associated ,Disability [1]
      Challenges, Associated, Incomplete, Assessment, Stream, Ecosystem, Health, Land, use ,Interaction, Studies [1]
      Challenges, Implementing, Peace, Clubs,Public, Secondary ,Schools [1]
      Challenges, Opportunities , Management ,Electoral, Conflicts [1]
      Challenges, Opportunities, Constraining ,Enhancing, Kenya, Tanzania Participation, EAC, Econo-Political, Integration, Process [1]
      Chemical, composition, nutrient, digestibility,umucass 36, cassava, root, meal, indigenous, grower, turkeys [1]
      Christianity, Widowhood, Rites, Africa, Audit, Effects, Ababukusu, Indigenous, Culture, Widows, Context , Friends, Church [1]
      Client-related factors, contractor-related factors, project completion time, project cost, project quality [1]
      Climate, Justice ,UNFCCC ,Negotiations Rights, Indigenous,Peoples,Copenhagen, Accord, Paris, Agreement [1]
      Cloud, Computing, Model,Enhanced, Resource, Usage, Multi-Tenant, Application, Environment [1]
      Codified, knowledge, knowledge resources, design, application implications, effectiveness, institutions , higher, education [1]
      Cognitive, Behavioural, Intervention, Remedy, School, Dropout , Inclusive Setting, Secondary, Schools [1]
      Community, Forest, Management, Conservation [1]
      Comparative, Study, Rapid, Diagnostic, Tests,Microscopy, Diagnosis, [1]
      Competence, Motivation, School Sports, Gender. [1]
      competency [1]
      Computer Modeling, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Curriculum [1]
      Conflict,Trends , Horn of Africa, Implications, Security, Special, Reference, [1]
      Constraints,Attaining, Pragmatic, Relevance, English, Selected, Luhya, Varieties, Interpreter-mediated, Sermons [1]