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      Antimicrobial, Salmonella enterica serotype Choleraesuis [1]
      Aphis fabae, Phaseolus vulgaris, Incidence, Severity, Varieties, Agro-ecological zones [1]
      artificial intelligence technique, feed-forward propagation, pollution monitoring, water quality [1]
      Artificial, Intelligence, Chatbot, Adoption, Framework, Real-Time, Customer Care, Support [1]
      Aspects, graphology,construction,selected, Kiswahili ,children’s, novels [1]
      Aspects,graphology ,construction, selected, Kiswahili, children’s,novels [1]
      Aspectual ,forms , Lutsotso [1]
      Assessing, Interface, Military, Diplomatic, Tools, Military, Intervention, Intrastate, Conflicts , Horn of Africa [1]
      Assessing, Nursing, Enteral, Nutrition, Practices, Perspectives ,Intensive, Care, Unit ,Level ,Six, Hospital [1]
      Assessment, Attitude, Subjective, Norm, Perceived, Behavioral, Control, Physical, Activity,Alcoholics, Structural, Equation, Modeling [1]
      Assessment, professional, development, needs, teachers, agriculture, public, secondary, schools [1]
      Assessment, uptake, cervical, cancer, screening, services, women, reproductive, age [1]
      Association, HSCRP ,Increased, Risk, Cardiovascular, Events, Rattus, norvegicus [1]
      ATR, harmony, English, borrowed, words, Ng’aturukana, optimality, theory, account [1]
      attitude, academic performance, fluid flow [1]
      Automorphisms, Zero Divisor, Graphs, Cube, Radical, Zero, Completely, Primary, Finite, Rings [1]
      Automorphisms, Zero, Divisor, Graphs, Square, Radical, Zero, Commutative, Unital, Finite, Rings [1]
      Awareness, Constraints, Solid Waste Management [1]
      Barriers, Interpersonal, Communication, Tool,Improving, Uptake, Voluntary, Medical, Male, Circumcision [1]